The Golden Falls – Gullfoss waterfalls, Iceland

Gallfoss waterfalls, another awesome tour stop along the Golden Circle.


Gullfoss waterfalls, is also called “Golden Falls”.  Glacier waters is brownish. Because it carries a lot of sediments that the glacial ice carves off the earth.  The water plunging down the three step staircase and then tumbling in into two steps down into the deep crevice truly looks golden.








In the early 20th century foreign investors wanted to use the Gullfoss to produce electricity. A farmer named Tómas Tómasson owned the waterfalls.  His daughter Sigriður Tómasdóttir protested so intensly against these plans by going as far as to threat that she would thrown herself into the Gullfoss and thereby kill herself.  To make her threat  believable she march from Gullfoss to Reykjavik barefooted.  In those days the roads weren’t paved and when she arrived after 120 kilometers her feet were bleeding and she was in a very bad shape.  People believed and listened to her, and the power plant was never built.


Today  one  can  see  the  memorial  site  of  Sigriður  that  depicts her  profile  at  the  top  of the falls.




    • hi cindy 🙂 thanks for dropping by 🙂 iceland is really beautiful 🙂 just email me or post message if you have some questions that i can help you with 🙂 we hope to see your photos of your iceland travel when you visit that awesome place 🙂 you will surely enjoy there 🙂


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