Our Avatar Traveled to San Francisco for an Air Show

Maybe most of you doesn’t know that aside from our  love to travel and photography, we also create stop motion videos using Lego.

In one of our California trip, we went to San Francisco to watch an air show. We took this opportunity to shoot a stop motion video. We brought some of our Lego toys that look like us and we call it our own avatar.



As our avatars were waiting for the show to begin, we spotted a Navy guy on the lookout.


After a while we saw someone on a white outfit, riding a bike and driving fast…


We wonder who he was after…


Oh look!!! It was Darth Vader he was after 🙂

And then the air show begins.  The setting was on a Beach at Presidio.  Some of the air show performers are the US Navy Blue Angels flying the F/A-18 Hornets and the Patriots Jet Team flying the Czech-built Aero L-39 Albatros.

Click the video below to watch our avatars while they enjoy watching and photographing the show.


We hope you enjoyed watching our Lego stop motion video of our own avatar.  To watch more of our videos please visit our Youtube channel:



Thanks for watching 🙂



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