If you love pistachios you have to go here.


The McGinn family started their 90 acre pistachio orchard in 1980. Today, the orchard contains over 12,500 trees. 14 acres of grapes are also grown at Pistachio Tree Ranch and 18 different varieties of wine are made at McGinn’s Arena Blanca Winery on site. In 2008, a memorial to the founder, Thomas McGinn, was built. It is a 30 foot pistachio monument and is the World’s Largest Pistachio.

We stopped by McGinn’s after spending sometime in Roswell.  It’s easy to find it at 7320 Highway 54/70 Alamogordo, NM.  The marker is the HUGE, GIGANTIC, GINORMOUS nut, surely you’ll see it right away 🙂

Once you enter the store, the aroma is really amazing and mouth watering.  It smells like Christmas, with this delicious smell floating in the air.  They have many different flavors of pistachios, and lots of samples to try: green chili, ranch, bbq, garlic, lemon lime, cinnamon, butter toffee, cracked pepper and more.  They also have different variety of brittle: pistachio, pecan, pumpkin pie spice pistachio and more.  They do have candies, soups, jams, jellies, wine, fudge, cookies and souvenirs of all sorts.

We brought a few pistachio flavored bags home, lemon lime and garlic.  And even bought  pistachio brittle (a good choice) and a fudge (but not so happy about it, too sweet) .

We would recommend it to anyone!

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