Ely Nevada, established in the 1870s as a stagecoach station and post office, is now the White Pine County seat. Copper mining was the impetus for the development of Ely Nevada. The early 1900’s saw the advent of successful copper mining operations. Because Ely Nevada is situated at the junction of Highway 50 and U.S. 93, it has grown to become the largest city in eastern Nevada. Ely Nevada is the hub for outdoor recreation and historic sites.


Ely’s greatest attraction to visitors, apart from comfortable lodgings, good food and magnificent natural surroundings, is the restored Nevada Northern Railway’s Ghost Train. Located in Ely Nevada, the historic Nevada Northern Railway Museum is housed in the former East Ely Railroad Depot. The Nevada Northern Railway Museum is open year-round, with steam and diesel-powered train rides, including dinner trains, throughout the year on select dates. For more information or visit the website at www.nnry.com.




Ely’s downtown is actually in better shape than most other old towns. There is a renaissance group in Ely that is trying to revive the downtown and doing some good work. They started a mural project, there are now around 20 nicely done murals scattered around downtown.
Ely is famous for it’s murals. Here are a few.



Ely is a fun town to visit, specially when you got time. The town is a typical Main Street western town, surrounded by awesome mountains.


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