The town of Austin Nevada is located near the intersection of State Route 305 and Highway 50. Prior to 1862, the area surrounding Austin Nevada was considered an “unexplored” Nevada territory. That all changed in May of that year when William Talcott stumbled onto a rich vein of silver. Austin Nevada soon grew to become Nevada’s second-largest city, boasting a population of more than 8,000.

Because Austin Nevada’s silver held out for nearly 20 years, substantial brick buildings were constructed. They included banks, lecture halls, schools, churches and homes. Many of these establishments, like the Stokes Castle, the International Hotel and the Gridley Store are still standing today.

Austin has had a “boom and Bust” economy throughout its rich history and mining comes and goes depending on the economy. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, visitors to Austin Nevada are welcome to enjoy the historic buildings and stroll along its streets.


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