FALLON, NEVADA – "Hearts of Gold"

From Dayton we continued our road trip and stent the night in Fallon. Fallon is one of Nevada’s agricultural centers, famous for its delicious “Hearts of Gold” cantaloupes. Visitors will find a number of historic attractions and recreational opportunities in the Fallon area.

Fallon Nevada was born during the California Gold Rush when exhausted travelers stopped along the Carson River after crossing the 40-Mile Desert, one of the deadliest stretches along the Emigrant Trail.

Grimes Point, 10 miles east of Fallon, is an archaeological site containing prehistoric Native American petroglyphs. They’re right along the trail, so keep your eyes open!



Sand Mountain, 32 miles east of Fallon, is a two-milelong mound of sand rising several hundred feet that is popular with ATV riders and sandboarders.



Sand Springs Station – At the base of Sand Mountain, the Sand Springs Pony Express Station lay covered by sand for over a hundred years, undisturbed until 1976. It was rediscovered by a team of Archaeologists, then excavated and stabilized in 1977



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