Death Valley comes Alive with the Flowers of Spring

Death Valley comes Alive with the Flowers of Spring


It’s all over the news, so we decided book a room and drive to Death Valley.  All hotels within Death Valley and the next town, Beatty, Nevada are all fully booked except for one hotel, and I booked  right away for 2 nights stay 🙂

Left Friday after work, and took the Panamint Road to get quicker to Death Valley.  It’s our first time to drive along this route.  Few cars are traveling along that road at that time.  It so dark along the way, all we can see is up to where our car headlight and light up and the rest of the area are peach-black.  Driving slowly but surely we arrived Beatty, Nevada around 12midnight.  

They said, that once every 10 years or so, Death Valley’s  rare flowers are in super bloom. According to the Death Valley National park website, in early January, the valley is showing signs of a super bloom.  Tourist, photographers are coming in to see what the experts call a “once –in-a-lifetime event”, a rare chance to see the valley covered with wild flowers.  As per the Tourist Information Office, it’s been 11 years since Death Valley was in full bloom.
Death Valley is a place where nothing grows, it’s one of the hottest and driest places on Earth, is now in super bloom, for the first time after a decade, thanks to the storm the hit the valley in October and makes the wild flowers grow, blanketed the dessert and turning it into a sea of yellow, purple and white flowers. 

The  Rangers and Tourist Info Center provided a map and directions to areas where the flowers were most abundant.  It’s on south of Bad water and on the slopes of Panamint and Armagosa mountain.

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