Pizza Rev is one of the latest pizza chain here in Ventura County.  The interior of the store looks contemporary with modern furniture and clean.  Their concept is for you to “craft  your own pizza”.


You can also choose from pre-designed pizza like The Classic ( red sauce, all natural Italian cheese & Pepperoni), BBQ Chicken (BBQ sauce, all natural Italian cheese, Grilled chicken and red onions) and more variety.  Crafting your own pizza is fun.  For $8.25, you start with the 11inches pie crust  and unlimited toppings for your choice then put they put it in the and ready in just a couple of minutes. 


Pizza Rev choices of crust (either Classic or Gluten-free). Choose your sauce: Red Sauce, Creamy Parmesan White sauce, BBQ Sauce or Olive Oil. And for the cheeses, Italian Mozzarella, Ricotta, Feta, Bleu and Vegan.  Let’s go to the toppings ( this is pretty exciting), choose from unlimited number of toppings.  Pepperoni (3 kinds), seasoned crumbled meatballs, sweet fennel sausage, Italian sausage, canadian bacon, crispy bacon, grilled chicken, anchovies plus a lot of vegies to choose from mushroom, red onions, tomatoes, spinach, garlic, fennel seeds, green bell pepper, artichoke hearts sun dried tomatoes black olives, basil, capers, jalapeños, pineapple and more..    


During our last visit to the restaurant my husband and I shared in one pizza ( I’m a small size eater), this is how we created our pizza:  regular crust, all natural italian, ricotta and bleu cheeses.white sauce, pepperoni, beef pepperoni, crispy bacon, chicken,  italian sausage, mushroom, bell pepper, onions, spinach, pineapple and garlic. Yummmmmy…  we enjoyed our pizza and surely we will  come back.
Try it and you’ll like it too 😉


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