Yosemite is in our blood.  We’ve been here many times, different season.  But winter is our favorite. Less crowds to enjoy and be with nature.  Yosemite is already amazing, and winter is even more than amazing, it’s a winter wonderland.  This is our second time to be here on Christmas day. 

We are not a sophisticated/stylish traveler.  We can sleep even in the car only.  On Christmas day, we come to visit our favorite place.  We’ve been dreaming of a snow time in Yosemite, and this year wish granted.  It just snowed few days before our arrival.  Yosemite Valley was covered with snow, fresh powder snow.    The landscape is awesome, like you were in a postcard or in the movie Frozen.
Curry Village is the best affordable accommodation in Yosemite during winter.  We stayed in a heated tent cabin for five nights.  Our cabin area was full of snow, and partly  on the roof .
We spotted Coyotes.  Coyotes are visible in many locations. We also spotted a fox, jumping in the snow, probably hunting for food underneath the snow.


After 5 days at Yosemite, visiting the beautiful areas in the valley, Mirror Lake, Lower Yosemite Falls, Sentinel Bridge, and more, we only have seen the easy to go places.The beauty of Yosemite Valley is amazing.  A photographer would be happy to be here for weeks or months, but for us we wanted to be there for a lifetime.  

So nice to be there and experience the beauty of nature.




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