Everyone thought LEGOLAND is only a kid oriented place, but no. You don’t have to be a LEGO fanatic to enjoy LEGOLAND. Me and my husband enjoyed our 2 days visit in LEGOLAND. Everyone will be delight and amazed by LEGO sculptures throughout the park. For the Tickets, I bought a 2 day hopper Legoland + SeaLife Aquarium, and the other ticket we got it free when we shop from You can buy tickets either at the gate or online. (the LLCA website has a full breakdown of admission prices and much cheaper). You can buy tickets either at the gate or online. You can search/get coupons online too that you can use when purchasing tickets like, what we had or sometimes they have a “buy one adult pass, get a free child’s pass”. And buying ticket online in advance will save you some money too.
The SeaLife Aquarium is located to the left of the entrance. Some of the tanks have LEGO models inside. We loved the Sea Life Aquarium. Our favorite Jelly Fish and the Shark Tank.

Customer service is at the right of the entrance. There’s also a customer service window inside and on the right next to the Big Shop. The park itself has a few areas with steps, but is generally level and steeper slopes have alternate easy paths for those with strollers or wheelchairs.

To easy navigate the park we go around clockwise.

From the entrance, go left to DINO ISLAND – has a mini roller coaster called the “Coastasaurus” curves and dips around giant models of LEGO dinosaurs.

FAIRY TALE BROOK – A boat ride where it takes the visitors down the river lined with playful LEGO models based on fairy tales.

Volvo Junior Driving School (for kids Ages 3-5) Kids drive a miniature car around a track all by himself, and at the end of the ride your kid will receive an official LEGOLAND Driver’s License.

Police and Fire Academy – Families can compete against each other by moving their hand-powered fire trucks down a lane, shooting a target on a building (as if it’s on fire) with water guns and powering back to the finish line.

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The LEGO Factory Tour – an interesting walkthrough experience on how LEGO is being made.
The Pirate Shores area – on a hot day this area is definitely a place where you want to stay. This area has several splashing attractions.


CASTLE HILL – is a medieval castle-themed area that was originally called “Knights Kingdom”. Its main attraction is “The Dragon,” a roller coaster that slowly tours a castle, until a LEGO wizard casts a spell to open the doors to the outside, at which point the coaster speeds up and the ride functions as a regular coaster. The “Hideaways” is designed for younger children, and is a large multi-level wooden play structure with slides, rope ladders, and bridges. Small horses at the “Royal Joust” take guests ages 4–12 through a mock medieval joust. Recently added was “Wild Woods Golf” that replaced the popular “rock band” or “singing rock garden”.
Knights’ Tournament – guests ride around on a very large robotic arm, selecting levels from one to five – one and two do not go upside down, and five rarely has guests right side-up.
There a play area where parks visitors can build their own spaceships.


IMAGINATION ZONE – Kids can also race LEGO cars that they build themselves in Build ‘n Test
Let your little explore his or her imagination at the Build and Test Station. The boys had a blast here! They were each given four wheels and could go around to the different bins and build their vehicle. Once it was built, they could race it against other enthusiastic LEGO builders. They had a blast!


BIONIC BLASTER – Have Fun with a Water Ride on the Bionic Blaster!! Guests can also ride on “BIONICLE Blaster”, which is a version of the teacup ride, or the “Aquazone Wave Racers,” the primero ever duel water carousel. In that, you get to use a steering wheel to control a rudder that makes you either come in closer to the center or fly out through the waves, all the while being squirted with water by the bystanders.
The food is expensive, like in any park. There’s a pretty good variety of food throughout LEGOLAND though very little Asian or Mexican food. There are especially good Italian, cafeteria style, barbecue, burger and pizza places.


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It’s really fun to shop! Most of the stores in LEGOLAND have particular specialties carries mostly licensed themes. The LEGO Club House in Fun Town has The Pick-a-Brick. The store in the Castle Hill area carries an extensive Belville selection, so if that’s how you roll, that’s where to go. The Big Shop right next to the entrance has almost everything, though they don’t have all the LEGO models I am expecting to see in a store plus they don’t have the Pick-a-Brick here, which is a bit of a shame, and I am very much disappointed. I thought that in LEGOLAND is where I could find the most of everything about LEGO products. But NO, a regular LEGO store handles more variety of products than in LEGOLAND. Pick-a-Brick at the Lego Club House is based on weight, rather than in a cap like the way we buy it in other LEGO stores in Malls. The Club House has a Create Your Own Minifigure area, 3 minifigure for $9.99 (hair or hat + head + torso + legs + 1 accessory). There’s also a store before you exit the park, the sells a Create your own Minifigure..




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MINILAND USA – Wow!!! Included is the Coast Cruise, New England, Las Vegas, Washington, DC, Block of Fame, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, Southern California, and Ferndale. It’s awesome and we spent a lot of time here in Miniland!
Block of Fame – are LEGO bust of famous people like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Queen Elizabeth II and more.
STAR WARS – The Dark side of the Force is growing at LEGOLAND California. Last March, the Lego Star Wars Miniland Death Star Model Display opens as addition to the Star Wars Miniland area. The Death Star was created from more than a half million LEGO bricks, stands 13 feet high, 18 feet wide and weight more than 1,900 pounds. The Death Star LEGO Model includes models of models of Stormtroopers, a Rebel X-wing fighter pilot and an Imperial Star Ship pilot.
One of the other highlights is the Model Shop, which is just next to Miniland. You can watch the Master Model Designers at their work.


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Don’t expect a Six Flag type of thrill here in LEGOLAND. Rides here are designed for kids but the park was designed to keep adults entertained and appreciate the details of art being done in the kids world.




Here are some extra tips for you to enjoy LEGOLAND:



· Wear comfortable walking shoes


· bring a camera with extra batteries
· bring a light jacket or sweatshirt to wear
· bring sunscreen
· arrive early

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