The Beacon Bar & Grill is a full service beachside restaurant and drinking establishment that is located on Historic Camp Richardson Resort, it offers appetizers, lunch and dinner. It features seating on a deck or in a dining room. The restaurant has huge windows that allows you to view the lake and the mountains.


We had lunch here, (the gift certificate that we got with our accommodation). The food is fairly price with good sized portion. I will rate the food and service with stars, 5 stars for the highest and 1 star for the lowest.
Clam chowder: 5 stars – creamy, tasty and clams are tender, not full of potatoes.


Caesar Salad: 4 stars – large serving, dressing a bit sour, lots of parmesan cheese and I love it
Beacon’s Famous Fish & Chips: 2 stars – (house breaded Alaskan cod served fries and tartar sauce). This is what my husband ordered, but all of us tasted it. And unanimously gave it a 2 stars because the fish was not cooked golden crispy, you can see in the picture that the fish was over cooked ‘til brown, over toasty and a bit dry. Serving is over loaded with fries. Still not exceeded the fish & chips we had from Oregon.
Smoked Gouda Pasta: 5 stars – ( penne pasta with artichoke hearts and pancetta covered in a creamy smoked gouda cheese sauce) huge serving, tasty, love the creaminess of the sauce and the smoked flavor of the cheese, though I’m not much a fan of artichoke.)
Beacon Burger: 4 stars – (house-blend beef patty, with lettuce, tomato, onion and original rum runner sauce and French Fries.) My friend says it’s ok, just like an ordinary burger.
(Sorry no photo, he ate it fight away)
The waiter: 5 star – very accommodating and nice. Sorry I forgot his name.
Wait time: 5 star – we walked right in and waited just about 2-3 minutes. And the serving time was quick too. Service was fast and good.
To sum it up, it’s a 4 stars. Overall this is a must stop, with this amazing view, good food and friendly service.

We’ll definitely coming back, and order different food this time.



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