CHRISTMAS: The Road to Yosemite (Late Post)

We love Yosemite, and this is our Nth time. But this time is special, because it’s our first family vacation with my son-in-law.

Christmas Day, we took off around 7am. Fortunately no snow on the road and so no chains required. It was a nice day but really freezing day.

Upon entering Yosemite, our first stop is the Bridal Veil. Hike a bit until we reach the base of the falls.

We headed to Curry Village to check-in to unload our bags before it gets dark. Curry Village became one of our home in Yosemite NP.

Curry Village has basically become one of home in Yosemite NP. It is in the vicinity to many of the top Yosemite attractions, close to some campgrounds, and a shuttle stop conveniently located right across from the check-in office and an ample parking space for everyone.



The heated tent cabins are comfy enough, the beds are comfortable, sheets are clean, and wool blankets are provided (if you need more blankets just request and they will give you more). There’s an electrical outlet for small items, nice for charging phone and cameras and also a safety lock box inside the cabin. Housekeeping takes out trash and changes towels daily. Common restrooms/bathrooms/showers can be found throughout the Curry Village so you don’t have to worry about not finding one. They’re kept pretty clean considering the amount of people that use them.
No cooking is allowed near your tent, but can do so in the picnic area. Bear lockers have ample room and don’t forget to put ALL your food and smelly toiletries in there and lock up every night. Quiet hours start at 10pm.

The next morning, the 3 get ready for their hike to the top of Vernal Falls. I did not join them to make this hike faster for them, I will be just waiting in the car parked in Happy Isles area. Me and my husband already reach the top of Vernal last February 2014. My husband took a video and pictures of their hike. And at one point, almost near the top, my daughter does not want to go on anymore. So they decided to hike back down.



From Vernal Falls, we went to the Mirror Lake. What an awesome view to see the lake frozen, frost everywhere…




We drove around to take some awesome photos of the valley.








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