From Union Square, we took a bus ride to see the famous “Painted Ladies”.

The term “painted ladies” refers to any set Victorian or Edwardian houses that use 3+ colors to show off the architectural details of their design. There are numerous sections of the city where you can see such houses. However, when you refer to “The Painted Ladies” in San Francisco most people assume that you are talking about the row of seven Victorian homes located on Steiner Street in the Alamo Square Park neighborhood.



It is sometimes known as “Postcard Row.” The houses were built between 1892 and 1896 by developer Matthew Kavanaugh, who lived next door in the 1892 mansion at 722 Steiner Street. These colorful houses have become famous as a symbol of San Francisco architecture. This block appears very frequently in media and mass-market photographs of the city and its tourist attractions and have appeared in an estimated 70 movies, TV programs, and ads, including in the opening credits of the television series Full House.
Throughout the 1870s – 1890s residents build several styles of Victoria houses.  The reason they are so famous is because they are all similar (except the largest one on the far left). They also have a beautiful view of downtown behind them.


Alamo Park, the park in front of the Painted Ladies is so beautiful. After taking a walked around the neighborhood,  Alamo Park is a perfect place for picnic the facing “the Painted Ladies” and enjoy the great view.



How to Get There
Bus: There are two buses that will get you quickly from Union Square . The best option is the 21 Hayes. The 21-Hayes stops on the southern side of the park. Get off the bus at the Hayes and Pierce Street stop. The other option is the 5 Fulton, which drops you off one block north of the park. Get off the bus at the McAllister and Pierce stop and walk up the hill on McAllister Street to get to the park.
Taxi: Taking a taxi is another option. From Union Square, it will cost around $15. From Fishermans Wharf, it will cost a little more. Expect to pay around $20 or more for a cab from this part of town. Find tips for taking taxis in the city.



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