Finding Yoda !

For all the Star Wars lovers and anyone who wants to see something really cool!
Finding Yoda in Presidio. You have to know where Lucas Films Ltd. is located. The Yoda Statue is located at the Letterman Digital Arts Center, 1 Letterman Drive in Presidio.
The Letterman Digital Arts Center, was redeveloped by George Lucas Films from the 23 acre Letterman Hospital Site. The Center includes a beautifully landscaped public walkways and a Starbucks coffee shop. At the very southwest corner of Lucasfilms is a patio guarded by Yoda standing on top of a fountain.






Star Wars is a huge part of American pop culture. In addition to the statue there is also something you will want to do especially if you are a Star Wars fan. Behind the Yoda, inside the Lucasfilm’s main lobby is a full-size 6’6” Darth Vader. On weekdays you can go inside the lobby and see Darth up close along with a nice collection of Star Wars memorabilia. Unfortunately we were there on a weekend.  On weekends the lobby is close and you just have to look through the windows.
After you are done, walk around the other buildings as there are some great statues that depict pioneers in the history of film.
Happy May the Force be With You…


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