Day 8 – From Green to Blue… Hoh Rain Forest , Ruby Beach & North Head Lighthouse

Returning back to Ho Rainforest as early as the birds. we took another short hike along the Hall of Mosses. While hiking you will hear the enchanting sound of birds, singing. Also seen elks having breakfast that morning.

Morning with the birds tweeting while we were hiking is so awesome.

Now moving on to the shore. Ruby Beach is the northernmost of the southern beaches in the coastal section of Olympic National Park. It is located on Highway 101, 27 miles south of the town of Forks, Washington. Like all beaches on the northern coast, Ruby Beach has a tremendous amount of driftwood. It is notable for the number of sea stacks there. These coastal waters are a safe haven for thousands of marine species.




From Ruby beach, we headed to Seaview, Washington where we spent the night.

After dinner, we visited 2 lighthouses in Washington Coast, the North Head Lighthouse and the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse. From the main campground at Cape Disappointment State Park you can see Cape Disappointment Lighthouse to the southeast and North Head Lighthouse to the north. How did two lighthouses end up so close together?After Cape Disappointment Lightstation was established in 1856 to mark the entrance to the Columbia River, mariners approaching the river from the north complained they could not see the light until they had nearly reached the river. Their cry for an additional lighthouse was supported by the many shipwrecks that occurred along the Long Beach Peninsula, just north of the cape. In 1889, the Lighthouse Board threw their support behind a new lighthouse at North Head. Since North Head is only two miles north of Cape Disappointment, the two lights needed distinct signatures. A fixed-white characteristic was chosen for North Head, while Cape Disappointment displayed alternate red and white flashes


North Head Lighthouse, Washington
Cape Disappointment Lighthouse


North Head Lighthouse, Washington

dual stamp

More information: Hoh Rainforest;  Washington Lighthouses

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