Day 5 – Mt. St. Helens, Washington

This day, we left Oregon, but promise to visit again. Drove 120 miles up to the Johnson Ridge Observatory at Mt. Saint Helens, even if the road condition was very foggy and almost zero visibility. we learned about the eruption of Mt. St. Helens on May 18, 1980, The destruction of the trees and all other vegetation are to be expected, but the valleys, hills, rivers, streams and even the lakes changed so dramatically that even the park rangers and residents no longer recognized the area. Rivers and lakes that were there for hundreds of years were gone in a moments notice, and new ones were born.
 We left Mt. St. Helens with a different scenery than what we had in the morning.  Now we can see all the beauty of nature along ouy way, including the view of Mt St. Helens.

From Mt. St. Helens we drove to Mt. Rainier. We’re trying to be there before the Visitor Center close, but unfortunately we didn’t make it. Paradise Road E is under construction. Too traffic. So we decided to pull back and head to Seattle. We had dinner in a restaurant that got a good review online. They said the restaurant has good food and a window view of Mt. Rainier. True, Black Diamond Bakery and Restaurant has it.


Black Diamond Bakery & Restaurant
Mt. Rainier view from the restaurant window.

dual stamp


Mt. St. Helens by Wikipedia

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