Day 2 – Let it snow! Crater Lake National Park

From Klamath Falls, Oregon, we’re heading back to Crater Lake National Park. On our way, there was an awesome rainbow just where we are going. We stopped and take photos of it. Is this a sign that out pot of gold is in Oregon? Hmmm… we bought a couple of lottery tickets to try our luck. Naahhhhh… not here… maybe somewhere… sometime 🙂
Before we arrived at the west entrance of Crater Lake NP, it started snowing again. And when we reached the crater area, the temperature in the park was about 32degF. Foggy, snowing and can`t even see the creater….


So we decided to go to our next destination, the Proxy Falls. On our way, we found out that the road to Proxy Falls is still closed due to high snow packed on the road.

We headed to Troutdale, Oregon, where we will spend 3nights and visit interesting areas around it.



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